R & D Environment

It has many sets of various testing equipment, such as Tension machine, press machine, high and low temperature laboratory etc.

Production Equipment

It is equipped with various cutting, engraving equipment and a large continuous laminating machine to form a production chain from core materials to panels and products.

Multiple Production Lines

The factory covers an area of more than 30,000 meters and has multiple production lines. Including honeycomb core production line, coating production line, truck body assembly line, etc.

Perfect Solutions

We have professional engineers and team that can provide perfect solutions for you.

Product Center

Our products are widely used in air purification, RV trailer, new energy, auto parts, transportation and other areas.
Composite Building Materials

Products Description Composite Building Materials offer a revolutionary approach to construction, combining...

Honeycomb Composite Panels

Products Description Honeycomb Composite Panels represent an innovative and lightweight solution for a wide range of...

Pvc Composite Panels

Products Description PVC Composite Panels represent a cutting-edge solution for diverse applications, offering a...

Composite Garden Wall Panels

Products Description Composite Garden Wall Panels offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality,...

Composite Wall Boards

Products Description Composite Wall Boards are innovative construction materials designed for various applications...

Wood Plastic Composite Panels

Products Description Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Panels represent an innovative solution in the field of...

Composite Glass

Products Description Composite Glass represents a cutting-edge solution in the realm of construction materials....

Composite Materials in Building Construction

Products Description Composite materials in building construction offer a revolutionary approach to modern...

Product Application

Lightweight truck body, Caravan/RV, Filter air purification equipment, building internal partition, modular housing, Vehicle floor panel, etc.
Filter Air Purification Equipment
Coal Fire Power Plant
Mobile Building
Hydro Power Plant
Lightweight Truck Body Box
Wind Power Plant
Lightweight Floor Panel
Solar Power Plant
Wind Power Plant
Furniture Materials
Wind Power Plant
Sports Products
Wind Power Plant
Construction Industry
Wind Power Plant
Truck Bed Cover
Wind Power Plant

About Us

Zhejiang Haozhuo New Materials Technology Co., Ltd Since 2013
Haozhuo is a High-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of thermoplastic honeycomb composite materials and other composite materials.
As an enterprise with over 10 years of operation history, we continue to evolve and make progress, during which time, Ningbo Lionball Ventilator Co., Ltd. has established a good cooperative relationship with productors and sallers all around world. We believe that our high-quality products, good customer service and excellent corporate reputation will bring us a win-win situation.
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Video Center

As an enterprise with over 10 years of operation history, we continue to evolve and make progress.
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Our Honor

ISO9001, ISO4001, OHSAS18001, SGS

News Center

We provide design services for customers.
Color Steel Composite Plate Main Plate
Jan 20, 2023
The base plate is hot-dip galvanized or aluminum-zinc plated plate, or electro-galvanized base plate. The surface paint
Advantages Of Color Steel Composite Plate
Jan 19, 2023
The construction is convenient, the installation is flexible and fast, and the construction period can be shortened by m
The Existing Process Of Metal Clad Plate Is Insufficient
Jan 18, 2023
There are many kinds of process methods for metal composite plates, and each preparation method has its own advantages.
Preparation Method Of Metal Composite Plate
Jan 17, 2023
Direct rolling is a common method for producing metal clad plates. It can also be divided into hot rolling composite met